Customer Service

I started out at Publix as a Front Service Clerk and Cashier, and after excelling in these roles, I was promptly promoted to Customer Service Staff, and subsequently, Team Leader. I accomplished these promotions by exemplifying Publix’s stringent standards—a combination of excellent customer service skills, great employee relations, effective leadership abilities, and a great work ethic—all in the span of two years, at 18-years-old. During my time at Publix, I became part of a culture that strongly emphasized premier customer service, and I discovered that this was Publix’s “secret recipe”. As a result, I believe the business and leadership experiences I gained at Publix have given me a unique edge, and they will continue to inform my future roles, no matter the job.

Job Tasks:

  • Handling and balancing various forms of currency;
  • Providing miscellaneous office support;
  • Multi-tasking and effectively managing time and resources;
  • Delegating tasks to co-workers;
  • And being efficient and accurate with time-sensitive tasks.